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Thursday, September 30, 2004 They are 22 600 students in a situation of “real poverty”.


Thursday, September 30, 2004 They are 22 600 students in a situation of "real poverty". It is humanity that reveals this figure and devotes an entire folder in this academic year this week about the lives of students facing poverty. Cross is interested in schools … to show the educational interest far from the image of the television boarding which we’ll talk Le Figaro. Incidentally, this is the last tonight, suspense around the graduation certificate … Good Reading … ————————- ——————— Release of 30/09/04 … Nothing seen. ——————————————— Le Figaro of 30 / 09/04 M6 / Good average for students in Chavagnes. The "suspense" will end tonight with the awards to the "boarding Chavagnes." After making a remarkable entry in the field in the first number (6.2 million viewers, or 28.9% of audience share), the M6 ??reality show has lost steam. The lack of challenge in the program is it the cause of the slight disaffection of viewers during the following three episodes, were no longer "only" 5 million on average to follow the preparation of studies certificate twenty-four students immersed in the world of education of the 50s? […] At the beginning of the show, the "model student" of "Boarding Chavagnes" have created the event in bursting, despite themselves, in the debate over school. Some observers even compared him entertainment M6 … the program of the Minister of Education. A media agitation that surprised the leaders of the chain. "We never wanted to glorify the authority with" The Boarding School Chavagnes. " Our goal was simply to observe, within the framework of an entertainment, the behavior of adolescents in a different environment than they usually know, "said Francois de Brugada. He added: "We were even accused of making propaganda Francois Fillon when it unveiled its policy. But it was only a coincidence, since our project was born at the end of 2003. »Read more of the article —————— ————————- Humanity of 30/09/04 students dirt poor. The figure is discussed. Some deem exaggerated, others think it is minimized. Still. It is an indicator that spot, and at the time of the academic year, no official ventured to remind: according to the latest survey of the Observatory of Student Life (OVE), 22 600 students face, in France, in a situation of "real poverty". Read more of the article Urgent / Student seeks lgt / possibility roommate / Mini rent. Dormitories in short supply, private apartments unaffordable. Housing is still a real pain to thousands of students. Read more of the article restaurant u hefty meal ticket. Read more of the article "I have to shake my belt." McDonalds worker, chocolate, undertaker, security guard … Jack of all, Cedric, twenty-four years, juggles odd jobs. Despite its 300 euro purse, loop the end of the month falls within the feat. He does not spare his sentence, managing to "put money aside." But on the front of the studies, the rub. DEUG of psychology in four years failed license, dark circles under eyes, he was forced to put his studies parentheses: "If I had not had to work, I would have probably won my exams. »Read more of homework
the article" My studies may suffer. " The parental nest to 9 square meters of the university town of Villeneuve-d’Acsq (59), the transition is not self-evident for Francis, eighteen. First year history and first defused fears for him who was afraid to land in one of the many rooms are still not renovated, "With my sink and my hob I have the feeling of being privileged. The other students are still using the old sinks that our parents used! "Freshly landed, he discovered the joys of life in the community," a permanent promiscuity "and" noise "which greatly complicate the task of the student studious he wants to be. Read more of the article threshold question. They are 22 600 students in a situation of "real poverty". The figure as the concept itself are subject to debate among observers and participants of student life. "This figure is indicative, but mistranslated the reality rubs a majority of young people," said Michael Delafosse, president of the Student Mutual (LMDE). And the question that hits: from when are we poor when you are studying? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien … 30/09/04 Nothing seen. ———————————————— The cross of 30/09/04 "Be wise, otherwise no pension." Boarding school yesterday to boarding today, it is scenes of fleeting happiness that repeat year after year. As "the laughter girlfriends rooms" that attempts to stifle, at night, when one is only allowed to whisper. Moments etched in the memory of Pauline, 17, from internal three years at Notre Dame High School in Fontenay-le-Comte (Vendee) and that does leave "for the world." But the comparison stops here. For if the boarding yet seduced students, it is precisely because it has changed. "This is neither the reformatory or prison, insists Daniele Moronval principal of the Jacques Brel school in Fruges (Pas-de-Calais). Today, the child is fully involved in the process. "In 2003, more than 242,000 students were housed in public or private boarding schools. Within the private sector, almost half of the students chose this type of accommodation (49.2%). On the side of National Education, 4.57 million were made available in 2002 to stimulate public boarding schools. "But the effects will not be visible until 2006," we expected rue de Grenelle. If the numbers, all sectors are relatively stable in recent years, the number of internal increased significantly compared to the 1990s "One senses a demand from families, notes Christian Philibert, a member of the Observatory National pedagogy of Catholic teaching. And the profile of students has changed. "If the scarcity of specialized channels and geographical remoteness remain valid explanations, reasons to opt for boarding have evolved with family upheaval. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 30/09/04 "It is for us to leave ourselves." 12 h 10: the bell rang at the Jean Rostand in Strasbourg. They are five to get out a little before the others. They are five to wear the Islamic headscarf, despite the law on religious symbols in schools. Aicha and Radia, both in 1st class medical and social sciences, testify to their return. And tell them sidelined today before tomorrow probable exclusion. […] Read more of the article In Alsace, a veil on the back. This is the first appeal against the secularism law. A high school student who continues to wear the veil at school seized last week, the Strasbourg Administrative Court. With the Ile-de-France – to a lesser extent -, Alsace is the most affected by the breach of the law on the wearing of religious symbols in schools area. officially there are about twenty cases for the only city of Strasbourg, but the real figure could be higher. Why this area she focuses difficulties? And why girls united in the collective A school for everyone they are the most inflexible? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 01/10/04 Laying the foundation stone of the University of Paris VII in the ZAC left bank. The first university built in Paris for over forty years. The moving operation of the University of Paris VII (Denis Diderot) of the Jussieu campus to the left bank ZAC (mixed development area in the 13th arrondissement) reaches milestone with the formal poses, Thursday 30 September, the first stone buildings to house 25,000 students and 4000 staff. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, September 30, 2004